Precision Farm Ranch Agriculture Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Platforms


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Avenger UAV
Agriculture Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

by Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC

Agriculture Sprayers

AG-VA Multi-Rotor Sprayers
Hercules Helicopter Sprayers
MRCD6 Multi-Rotor Sprayer
MRCD18 Multi-Rotor Sprayer
MRCD24 Multi-Rotor Sprayer
RHCD-01 Helicopter Sprayer
RHCD-80-1 Helicopter Sprayer
RHCD-80-15 Helicopter  Sprayer

Other Commercial Platforms

914 Rotax Manned/Unmanned
Alliance HD Helicopter
Alliance Gas Helicopter
Avenger Electric Helicopter
RDASS Q1000 Quad-Rotor
Delta-FW70 Fixed Wing

Agriculture DSLR Cameras
RDASS 4 Rotor Video Demo
HD Camera Photos
Advanced Cameras
Photos - Multi-Spectral Camera
Livestock Photo Uses
Extreme Weather Demonstrations

About Us - VTOL Focus
Electric vs Gas UAV
Autonomous Flight
Equipment HD Options
HD Photos
High Resolution – Photos
Uses of the HD Photo
Photo Software – Exact Measurement
Land Mapping – 3D Photos Elevation
Land Mapping - Stitching Photos
3D Elevation Mapping Measurement

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Other Commercial Applications

Virginia River Project – Multiple Uses
Energy – Building Audits
Utilities – Refinery and Plants
Utilities – Electrical and Power
Utilities – Transmission Lines
HazMat – Gas Pipelines
Fire/Thermal Cameras – Infra-Red

UAV Pilot Training School
Class Size Are Limited

FAA To Crack Down On Airspace Violators


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UAV Helicopter Drones In The News

FAA Releases Small UAS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking! - Check out the provisions being proposed in the FAA’s Small UAS NPRM.

FAA Grants UAV Permits for Agriculture & Real Estate Companies - The Associated Press reports that on Tuesday, the FAA issued exceptions to the commercial UAV ban, permitting the monitoring of crops and real estate use for aerial photographs of properties for sale. This is the first time permits have been granted to agriculture and real estate companies.

Judge Rules Against FAA in ‘Landmark’ UAV Challenge -  In a decision dated March 6, NTSB Judge Patrick Geraghty found that the FAA has no regulations that apply to model aircraft or that classify a model aircraft as an unmanned aircraft system.

UAV FAA Regulations For more than five decades, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has compiled a proven track record of introducing new technology and aircraft safely into the National Airspace System (NAS).

FAA Fact Sheet – Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - For Immediate Release.

FAA Certificate of Authorization or Waiver (COA) - Before you can operate a UAV in National Airspace System (NAS) you must have a COA. The average time to issue an authorization for non-emergency operations is less than 60 days, 


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GoPro Cameras & Lens

Agriculture UAVS Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Agriculture and Conservation UAS

The field of Agriculture can include commercial, flood assessments, drought, snow packs, and many other conservation efforts. The ability for the platform fly pre-saved ‘Missions’ via the fully automated ground station allows for time-lapse photos of fields, crops and known land tracts. This ability to accurately re-create the same pattern during all seasons is invaluable data for land and soil management. The capability of the helicopter to utilize the HD video, HD photos and IR camera packages allows for detailed analysis and recording. With the optional Photo rendering software, 3D maps and topography can also be created in conjunction with the time-lapse photos to create highly detailed maps for erosion, flood mapping and other critical aspects for land management. 

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC is a leader in "Made in America" remotely piloted Agriculture UAVS Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. We strive to ensure that Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) platforms include the most sophisticated features, are manufactured to be durable and the easiest to use systems on the market. Additionally, Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC strives for innovative power cell technology with improved power, performance, longevity and superior weight standards for Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC UAV drones. 

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing the best remotely piloted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for the farm, ranch, conservation and agriculture market place.  Our UAS helicopter are revolutionary products designed for high and low altitude surveillance, photography and sensor management.  Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC  agriculture UAV's  have state-of-the-art autopilot navigation systems and software that allows for simple flight and easy to use operation. 

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC agriculture UAV helicopters are designed for maximum flight time with minimum down time. Our team of professionals stand ready to design the right UAV and platform to meet your specific need, as well as complete training and a maintenance package to keep the UAV ready when the need arrives. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC UAV helicopters are the perfect choice for  farm, ranch, conservation and agriculture market place. Contact us for a FREE Consultation on how our "MADE IN AMERICA" UAS can help keep your farm or ranch profitable with hi-tech UAV from Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC.

UAV Agriculture Applications

  • Aerial Application/Spraying
  • Disease Detection and Mitigation
  • Parasite Monitoring
  • Moisture Monitoring
  • Crop Growth Monitoring
  • Livestock Tracking
  • Disease Outbreak Tracking
  • Fertilizer Management
  • Remote Aerial Monitoring
  • Crop Harvesting
  • Yield Estimation
  • Weed Infestation Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Crop Inventory Tracking
  • Harvest Optimization
  • Soli Erosion Monitoring

Our UAV Platforms are used by:

  • USDA Colorado

  • USDA Utah

  • USDA California

  • USDA Hawaii

  • Utah State Agriculture

  • Arlington Police Dept

  • Utah Highway Patrol

  • Clinton Utah Police Dept

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Super Bowl XLV

  • and many other National and International companies


    HSE is a premiere provider of aerial image processing services for agricultural service companies using unmanned (UAV, manned, and satellite system imagery. As a complete, turn-key business solution, our team provides data analysis at the rapid pace your clients expect. And with HSE-UAV Ag Imaging, your valuable information is securely stored on our dedicated servers, never on the cloud.

    • Detect weather-related damage

    • Reduce herbicide and fertilizer usage

    • Monitor livestock feedlots and pastures

    • Estimate yields using biomass calculations

    • Locate invasive species and diseased areas

    • Survey irrigation and other structural systems

    • Assess environmental impact and wildlife habitat

    Our software providers will transform your data into valuable information essential to making good management decisions. Our turn-key, subscription-based service provides more than eye-catching orthomosaics. We offer a complete business solution that compliments your existing precision agriculture products, elevates your brand, and contributes to customer loyalty.

    In addition to superior processed imagery, we offer interoperability between farm management systems for increased efficiency, allowing you to quickly make important decisions in the field. For added security, AgPixel's data management services never rely on cloud-based computing systems. Our in-house server infrastructure houses your data, ensuring complete control over where your information is shared.

    Our team of partners will processes aerial data from both manned and unmanned aircraft systems, and satellite services. Pricing is based on volume of data and depth of analysis needed, and they offer both long- and short-term subscription options. Please contact us for more information.


    Satellite quality data,
    leaf-scale resolution!

    Drones Poised to Elevate Agricultural Efficiency

    To the untrained eye, the sight of a UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, soaring over the rural landscape might seem like an amateur activity. But the machines soon could become a key weapon in a robust agricultural arsenal.


    AG-V8A Octo-Copter UAV Sprayer

    Most advance sprayer technology on the market.
    Best Price - Best Flight Time - Best Coverage - 1 Yr Warranty

      Cover 1,000 acres in less than 30 hours, with a coverage rate of 33 acres/hr

    Cutting edge and completely automated system

    Mission Planning Autopilot, Flight Controller and GPS

    Use multiple drones simultaneously to cover large areas

    The AG-VA UAV Sprayer is available in 4 Models and comes with a 1 Year Warranty*.  The AG-VA Copter are Cutting Edge Technology with a coverage rate of 33 1/3 acres/hour or 1,000 in about 30 hours. The AG-V8A series and above UAV sprayers are equipped with Mission Planning Autopilot, Flight Controller and GPS. The AG-VA is the most advanced UAV Sprayer platform on the market. Compare with other UAV sprayers and you'll agree the AG-VA line of UAV sprayers are the most cost effective, efficient and advanced UAV sprayers on the market. The AG-VA Series are water resistant. And, have a 1 Yr Warranty. More Information



    Everything you need and more to Fly legally with the FAA. 



    Agriculture UAV Crop Duster Sprayers Platforms

    AG-VA Multi-Rotor Sprayers
    Hercules Helicopter Sprayers
    MRCD6 Multi-Rotor Sprayer
    MRCD18 Multi-Rotor Sprayer
    MRCD24 Multi-Rotor Sprayer
    RHCD-01 Helicopter Sprayer
    RHCD-80-1 Helicopter Sprayer
    RHCD-80-15 Helicopter  Sprayer

    Other Platforms

    914 Rotax Manned/Unmanned
    Alliance HD UAV Drone
    Alliance UAV Drone
    Avenger UAV Drone
    RDASS Q1000 4 Rotor UAV
    DJI Phantom IREO with IR Camera

    Agriculture DSLR Cameras
    RDASS 4 Rotor Video Demo
    HD Camera Photos
    Advanced Cameras
    Photos - Multi-Spectral Camera
    Livestock Photo Uses
    Extreme Weather Demonstrations